Wednesday , September 28 2022

Lucas Barrios said goodbye with the emotional message


On Monday, Colo Colo announced the past and appeared on social networks every day.

In an impromptu and stunning conference, Lucas Barrios announced the departure of Colo Colo on Monday. She did not give details, but Colo Colo was given away.

Paraguayan nationalized Argentinians, who only arrived in the second cycle of Albos, revealed social networks and published a good-bye emotional message.

"To say goodbye to all the greetings, we would like to thank you for the help you received at that time, my teammates, coaches, Colocolinos for all, in conditions that were conditioned and in bad weather, for all the footballers, who was always treated with respect and love, I open many doors to a country that I like to open, I will always be part of Chilean football and especially Colo Colo. I send a hug to my followers and I want the best of the following years. He wrote Barrios.

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