Saturday , June 10 2023

Luck called Coloma: the work of the UDI Senator's relatives work


Usually, the subject becomes endless and the shot goes to people who raise the language against the gnomes. What happened to the government in the last presidential campaign, in the right, in its opposition mission, Michelle Bachelet's administration officials and advisers were forced to experience a serious situation.

When the government's change was made, the media monitored the Chilean and Chilean relatives and their relatives, taking positions, making beans everywhere and professional skills, with their surname or friendship, obtaining positions in the State.

The Interior Minister, Andrés Cahdwick, was temporarily shot, two children of his son were in various positions of the Government, one of which resigned as a result of the controversy, the UDI Senator, Juan Antonio Coloma. It is the greatest number of relatives in the government.

For the time being, the UDI sector continues to make noise, the party will present its new president, to define its new president, the candidate for the Senate Jacqueline Van Rysselbergue, who will go to the polls again and return to the union of the return of mystic mystique between Javier Macaya and the promises of the campaign.

Senator Kolomak has participated in the Macaya list, his secretary general, Juan Antonio Coloma Álamos, is the general secretary of the community.

Entering another child and his daughter directly into the portal of La Moneda portal, sitting at the offices of key ministries. Jaime Coloma Álamos, advisor to the Interior Ministry, receives a salary of one million and nine hundred thousand dollars, and Francisca Hoffmann – deputy of María José Hoffmann and sister of the representative of Coloma Álamos. He is currently a consultant. Ministry of the General Secretariat of the Government. In the palace, his sister, Paulina Prohaska, appears as a journalist for Segres.

Nowadays, there are two other names of Senator Coloma networks, that is, Tomás Hoffman, the deputy's brother, Alejandro Weber, is the main employee of the National Civil Service Director. Through High Public Administration, in charge of the appointments of most of the public sector. Likewise, Governor Talca, Felipe Donoso, is a hunger for the UDI senator.

In this situation, when the words of President Sebastian Piñera in the presidential campaign, as former senator Carolina Goic and DC candidates, met Carolina Goic in the Bachelet administration's duties: "A few families have many civil servants, because this is not here He is a deputy or senator, his brothers, relatives, relatives, and the public sector.

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