Wednesday , October 20 2021

"Luis Gnecco has the best country"


Three weeks ago, when Amparo Noguera TVN worked for 24 years to disconnect a channel, it caused a real earthquake in the world of entertainment, because the chain saw the impact of the crisis.

But the emblematic actor revealed himself at the farandulero level, following this problem, there was an acid conflict between Patricia Maldonado, Raquel Argandoña and Nano Calderón and Luis Gnecco.

Following the melancholic commentary of Argandoña's Bienvenidos, he affirmed a good mood in the latest appearance of the new actor, linking a group of actors to the campaign to get out of the Maldonado TV.

Gnecco's response, Noguera's friend and colleague, did not wait and created a powerful controversy, because no one was having any hair, so the prestigious dimes started to run. During the week, and more, Nano Calderón danced (see chronology).


Amparo Noguera, on the other hand, is dedicated to film and theater.

The actor, who had major iconic TV shows in the series Romané, La Fiera and Circo de las Montini, finished Hedda Gabler's work at the GAM this weekend; In this work, directed by Claudia di Girólamo. And now, after Christmas and New Year, he has participated in two projects.

"I will go south in January, because the shooting of the Death film will come and you will co-produce your eyes with Jose Luis Torres in Argentina and Germany, and at the same time, the La Haya de la serie Faun production company," said Noguera La Cuarta.

However, after almost a month after leaving the channel, he has not said that he has not had a specific conversation about his future: "I love watching TV, I'm in love with these projects, even though I'd like to watch TV shows."

– But is there something?

I still have no official conversation channels, there are rumors, but that's just it.

On the other hand, he was surprised when an unusual mix was caused by his disengagement. "I never imagined, then. People were very friendly, very loving, but I never imagined. I do not know how to respond to conversations, because they talked about the situation … I do not know the reasons, but it was a mess and I appreciate I think that because people value work worthy of work in the channel, "he said.

Noguera also commented on the argument made by Luis Gnecco after the comments of Argandoña. "I think Luis Gnecco is the best country."

However, he was a lie who participated in the conflict caused by violence and had fire fanfare. "As regards other controversies, no, I do not think it's interesting to talk about the topic, I do not usually participate in such a thing, I do not want to talk," he apologized.

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