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Luis Gnecco Raquel Argandoña and Paty Maldonado worked for Amparo Noguera Glamorama


Author: C. Z. / December 1, 2018

Amparo Noguera was sent to TVN. The actor has not been in the public station for more than 24 years as the leading television series.

The news was directed in the early morning. Bienvenidos did not talk about the exit of the Nogueras. However, Raquel Argandoña's comment was between space panelists.

He released the song "Quintrala", remembering the remembrance of the singer Noguera Paty Maldonado at the Memorial Museum. -EVENTURE ACÁ-

"Yesterday Amparo Noguera learned about television broadcasting, and I mean something: Amparo Noguera, Patricia Maldonado, has sung for the sake of shooting. Do not you want to laugh or leave someone else wrong? That's it," Argandoña went on.

This comment Luis Gnecco renounced him. The actor, in his own way, brings Argandoña and Maldonado to his Instagram with a strong phrase:

Luis Gnecco: "The old guilds, one of the biggest Chilean actors without ignorance and respect."

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