Thursday , January 21 2021

Luli releases critics of Instagram in her "inappropriate" publication

Certainly, these last few days have been quite complicated by Nicole Moreno, or "Luli", His son was a shoot-out, then life threatened to cause minor injuries.

Mekano Erick He had to be investigated by the Police Minister and the judge left the provisional detention of 100 days in the Sename center, while the research lasts.

But what happens with his son, "Chic Style" cheerleader " Thanks to his Instagram account, Iquiquek published a new publication that will promote an event that will take part.

The image was very criticalThis is a smile when the shooter's victim is in a bad state It's your son.

"I have a lot of sorrow, but I have to continue working. See tomorrow at Iquique @ DreamsIquique, "with the help of the controversial image.

Nicole Moreno Instagram

"You will really remain with your events while your son is with your husband??? Take care of yourself more, you have to pay more attention now, after all, to give children their parents' attention carefully, to analyze everything they do and still do not know? Leave everything and worry about what your current mom has and what you have!!! "It was a tough comment from @ val3_skate, and he got more than 400 people.

So, ten comments certify "He does not know where he came from","For example, you are not following"Edo"The family could have forgiven the family for killing their children … that's why it would be great".

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