Sunday , December 8 2019
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Luli returns to television in the shade of Aceitón

Of course, Nicole Moreno's 2019 was not easy. After a few days after a new embrace, the 16-year-old son was taken to participate in a smaller shooter, while remaining in Sename, according to a 100-day study.

The exposure and questions about Luli's communications, in fact, decided that three weeks ago, Canal Vive's "Chic Style" program was lacking, as Ingrid Aceitón considered a half-image. But the rest ended, this Friday to take the fashionable space. "It was a necessary rest, but I have to return with great professionalism," said Nicole.

His decision was not happy for the followers of the space, in the query by "Chilean Press" Instagram, who consulted the hosts of "Chic Style" host fans, 34,991 users voted in Ingrid by sending Aceitón, the current cheerleader home. "It seems super, it's a matter of flair," Luli defended.

Experts say the followers have chosen diplomacy and they thanked each other for their love. "It's a good opportunity to get experience, because I want to be my place".

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