Monday , January 24 2022

Luli was her son after receiving a wave of criticism following the arrest


The Nicole Moreno model, better known as Luli, has risen to Instagram with her son, who has been kidnapped after his arrest since childhood, allegedly taking part in a shoot at a young man from the Las Condes neighborhood.

Little detail the social network opposed to the old queen of the vineyard, criticizing the loading of a photograph at the time.

"Thanks to God at this time," the message was sent along with Luli.

Remember Nicole Moreno gave her son to the Sanctuary's PDI on Saturday, what happened.

However, the local court ordered the Order of the arrest of the Metropolitan East Public Prosecutor and the IV Guarantee Court of Santiago de Compostela. The Court is authorized, on Monday, at the Justice Center to be formalized in the capital. It was shot and the author of the frustrated assassin was acquitted.

In that place, the media published short media statements: "All media are wrong, everything."

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