Wednesday , October 27 2021

Macaulay Culkin networks match the interpretation of the "singular" character


Google's announcement invited Macaulay Culkin to be the star of a horrible child: Kevin McCallister.

In a video that has been videotaped, we can see Macaulay's creation of the most significant scenes of "Home alone", called "My little father angel" in Spanish.

Macaulay interpreted majestically the most epic scenes in the movie; Despite minor changes, it was necessary to promote the new Google Assistant.

For example, the bathroom scene, shave, apply cream and scream; He now realizes that he is no longer burning and reminds his assistant to buy it, very funny.

Another important moment is when he jumps in his parents' bed; At this moment, he had to get out of bed, turning his back. "Little angel" is not for that age. And at this time, he will order his pizzas, thanks to Google's help desk online.

To steal a couple of robbers who want to get into your house, this time there is not so much drama; Culkin asked his assistant to start "Operation Kevin"; traps to stop attacking explosives.

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