Monday , January 24 2022

Mallplaza will invest over $ 73 million to expand and rebuild Chilean residences | economy


Mallplaza, responsible for managing 17 commercial centers in Chile, has announced that it will invest over $ 108 million, About $ 73,278 million, To expand and redesign the Chilean facilities.

The company presented it on Wednesday investment plan It will be implemented between 2019 and 2020, and $ 206 million – about $ 140 million – to build new Colombian and Peruvian shopping centers, La Tercera Reports.

Currently controlling company Falabella group The Peruvian ranges are 3 and Colombia 2, but the new project is opening two new cafes commercial centers (Barranquilla and Cali) and one in the Peruvian neighborhood of Comas, by half.

However, the investment plan arrives $ 314 millionThe Chilean pesos would be about $ 213 million.

"The main objective is to consolidate the value of the proposal to consumers, thanks to the offer of new Omnia, regional commerce centers increasing services, entertainment and mixed use," said the company in the morning.

Chile's largest commercial director opened last year Arica shopping center In this city for the first time $ 68 million investment, which is more than $ 46 million.

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