Monday , August 8 2022

MAN manages a fast food chain for LIFE


Oregon, originally from the U.S., filed a lawsuit for food strangers to feed life, A product is trapped more than an hour in its bathroom in the bathroom.

Curtis Brooner seeks to unilaterally respond to the promise made by the company's outfit in the 50's After the incidents that occurred on the 15th of December.

The client has complained that one responsible has compensated for the experience of "free lifestyle" in the 13 days to go to the premises. sometimes twice as many as twice a day, according to TN.

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The problem is that on the fourteenth day, Burger King said that they could not resist, So Brooner went to court, hamburger free for the rest of his life for the week.

"In this case, they can be fun, but it's not fun to spend an hour cold bath and hanging on it, it's an honorable subject. The next lunch "- they said – is free & # 39; and that would be. But that was not the offer they made me, "he concluded.

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