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Managing Renato Fernandez Corporate Management leaves Codelco

Cencosud's management staffs marked a steady change over the course of one year, saying that Renato Fernandez's management of corporate affairs would be released on Friday, January 31, 2019.

Meanwhile, Codelco has announced that Fernandez will be the vice-president of the Member States' Membership and Sustainability on February 18, in favor of Patricio Chávez. Renato Fernández joined Cencosud in 2011 and previously worked as a communications officer at Endesa.

In addition, Cencosud announced that the new Director of Corporate Human Resources of Sebastian Conde was appointed as a position to be appointed on March 1, 2019.

The closing ceremony next Thursday, next December, is controlled by Horst Paulmann, the corporate director of Rodrigo Larraín Corporación and the Corporate Director of Human Resources, due to the departure of Rodrigo Hetz, on December 31.

This time, Matías Videla, Director of Commercial Directorate of the Region, would take the position of the financial manager, but was appointed new Director of Human Resources.

Year of change for Cencosud

In this way, Cencosud has been working for many years in its executive groups. Previously, the departure of the Finance and Human Resources directors, was the new director of super-scale distributors, Antonio Ureta, after the October, as part of the improvement of household Eric Basset, and Matías Videla, at that time, was the Director of the Sales Department.

Meanwhile, in June, Jaime Soler resigned four years ago under general management, Andreas Gebhardt's representative, General Manager of Enel Distribución.

Among the main challenges for 2019, it is the debut of the commercial center. The company announced at the end of August that exchange of this unit, an operation that will generate $ 1,000 million in revenue, which will allow reducing debt and boosting the business center.

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