Wednesday , October 20 2021

Manchester United confirms the release of José Mourinho


José Mourinho was coach of Manchester United on Tuesday, two and a half years away at the beginning of the season and after the break of the glasses, he fought against Liverpool this weekend.

In a short English-speaking club in the north of England, Mourinho's work in his address and his "success" desire for the future.

Mourinho, 55, won the Europa League and League Cup in his first season – Red Devils & # 39; but his second season was vacated, a Premier League post, 19 points behind the leader.

This year he started very badly, without losing any of the first competitors in the first title. The Manchester club qualified for sixth place in the league title, with 19 points in Liverpool, only 17 and 11 kilometers off Chelsea.

The champions

In Europe, things got better in the United Kingdom, and at the age of 16, Juventus was ranked in the second team of the Turin team.

However, the bad image given by Old Trafford against the Italians, the bad results obtained by Boys Boys and Valencia, other rivals of the team, had a great effect on the English to overcome the difficulties of continuing the conflict.

Eighth has crossed the UK's future because it has compromised the majority of the continent's competition because it has to be one of the favorites of the Paris Saint-Germain competition.

All this has been eliminated in the small League Cup competition, because the Old Cross County Condor passed the Old Trafford penalties.

Stormy relationship

The unity of Mourinho and United in recent months has been storms and has increased the relationship with Portuguese Portugal with locker rooms and tables.

The disagreements between the Portuguese and the Ed Woodward have intensified and Mourinho has not questioned the transfer policy, the lack of qualification and lack of qualification for players. it is best to compete.

In the meantime, Mourinho started a "lot of" war with the locker room, together with Frenchman Paul Pogba, who had captured some of the former captain of the club a few weeks ago and left it in the top games. .

His image in the bank, without a minute against Liverpool, was the representative of the current situation.

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