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Marcela Vacarejara's sincere counsel as her daughter Diana Boloni's son

This Wednesday, Marcela Vacarezza He was invited in the morning Very much liked Mega talked about various issues, including her television career and Christmas. However, he received special attention to his daughter Florence (15), Pedro (18), the oldest son of Diana Bolucho.

As they commented, their novels would be strength and strength, and they should also present formal presentations in their homes. "They are very nice. They are like movies. This child is 7, it really is 7th. He is in charge, the athlete will take it, "said nine couples who had been together for nine months.

The only problem is that young people start studying outside of Chile and can cause a deterioration in their birth. "He has to study abroad, he is 18 years old and he is 15 in Florence. He is involved in football and that's why he can go outside, but since he is one year since he is in the middle … well," he said. .

In addition, when the presenter was explained by parents, the rules are clear. "How will I sleep together?" Well, we know about this "little mug". But we need to go from time to time to see what happens, "he said.

In the end, Marcela Vacarezza talked about the future of the relationship and announced that important advice given by Florence. "The only thing I said only", they will finish, they will fight. "But please, Both are well behaved. This is not because you mixed it with one or the other. Be honest, be faithful& # 39; But goats are. Nothing could happen While they are always happy, and they are those who have this power, that's important, "he said.

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