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Marvel is presented with a new captain


Marvel is presented with a new captain

8 JAN 2019 / cinema

Marvel Studios will premiere this month in March to expand its film universe.

In the US premiere, on March 8, it was released in the United States Marvel Studios They announce what will be the new cosmic adventure Captain Marvel, shows a new production to continue exploiting characters that are not part of the main axis Avengers. All this in order to relieve new faces after the inevitable era of Robert Downey Jr.

The next progress focuses on showing skills and goals Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), beyond the circle of frogs, is historically not so popular. That is why they are clear to us that Marvel is the supreme captain because of his power and superhuman abilities.

Similarly, the story will also bring a mystery about the origin and the threats of Earth, as soon as the Skrulls society enters the 1990s, Nick Fury S.H.I.L.D. smaller

Check out the new trailer below, "Connection", along with the song Elastica from the Britpop band, and some of Carol's extra smileys.

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