Wednesday , September 28 2022

Marvel told the memes that Hawkeye wanted to go back


In all the interventions of the Marvel Studios movie film universe Hawkeye Jeremy Renner has undoubtedly played the most popular hero.

Initially, he presented his first film Thor It was then installed as a force sold. Then, enter Avengers, He played as a zombie as a result of Loki's control, a large part of the footage.

Your most convenient participation here Avengers: Ultron age, where Quicksilver was given a family and a little competition, because he made some of the first films of the first films, he made some steps again Captain in America: Civil War, where only a couple of scenes came out.

The fans clearly show that the character can give more than just a story, and those that show comics, the story has given "moments" to show the arches and arrows. Not much more.

Its lack Avengers: Infinity War In this way, the idea of ​​the most junk Avenger of all original pages was strengthened, but he also made a good request to request it in a different way. Memes were made, jokes were distributed, and Marvel Studios executives had to respond to the lack of character.

Now on the first trailer Avengers: End GameThey handed over all those who asked for fans of the promotional campaign: the appearance of the concierge's inflatable.

On the one hand, Marvel sends an idea of ​​the final thing, but, on the other hand, the short sequences are reminded of the memory of those who are harder than those who respond to memes.

Hawkeye hopes he'll be Hawkeye, though he says that the next movie, The Avengers, will lose everything and so the trailer removes enemies from the street, a new look and perhaps a new code name

But remember to date, really, that they did almost nothing.

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