Monday , May 29 2023

Matías Bize, director of cinema, "Tanza", Varela, in society


Constanza "Tanza" Varela He announced in his social networks with his partner, to marry the Chilean film director Matías Bize.

In an Instagram post, an artist opened a photo of his hands from a couple, where he wrote "I put this diamond on my feet in my mouth, and my heart has put too many laughter and love".

Former reality the girl left the national show for many years in Mexico to live up to the plastic arts under the lesson Constantine, where he met a man from the North American country, now a three-year-old son.

For his part, Bize is the director of the devoted films in Chile "Saturday","In bed"Edo"Water memory", For the best Latin American film for the Goya Award 2010"Fish life".

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