Monday , September 26 2022

Matías Firpo, Boca's main bus driver: "I could not control myself" | sport


After 48 hours in jail, Matías FirpoHe is the principal person in charge of River Plate Assistant Boca Juniors ScallopedHe talked to the media.

He said he feels what happened with TN cameras before. "I went with my friends, to a family, I could not control a momentum that I regretted, I knew that I was wrong, I did not do it, and I passed it"he said.

In that line, he added: "It was a total emptiness, that is to say, as far as I did, to all human beings".

In the end, Firpo worked on incidents that occurred on November 24. "I always enter Quinteros, cut the police on the street and many people gathered, because they did not leave. We never thought that the microphone was going to the crowd and the bus was messy, the police pulled people back and saw what they saw, "he closed.

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