Thursday , October 6 2022

Mauricio Pinilla was offered to Fernando Díaz as "they told him they could go to Spain"


Mauricio Pinilla spent six months without a club after the conflicting exit of U / Photo: Agency UNO

After working with the Chilean University, he is looking for the club Mauricio Pinilla and he appears as an opportunity for Unión Española. Former Atalanta was created through an offer made with the technical director of the red team, Fernando Diaz, with the Hispanic team.

"Our technician contacted Fernando Díaz and told me he could play in Spain, we did not talk about pricing or anything else," said Luis Batxilla, Union Union Director at Radio Cooperativa.

The red people said "obviously, Fernando is keen to be a player in the Pinilla category because it's a great interest for the technician, especially we are looking for a center-centerer. We are attractive but we have nothing".

On the other hand, Baqueda has a lot of rumors that have unleashed the books he has come to the Union. In reality, we have a list but it does not appear (Felipe) Seymour, nor (José) Rojas, "although he clearly" does not mean that we do not may be interested or considered. "

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