Sunday , February 5 2023

Mayol is an excellent anti-whash of the director of INDH: "I do not hear the minors being cars and can not learn"


Far away from the silence that is coming back to its business in the agrarian world, Araucanía, the former mayor of Luis Mayol, continues to portray his office. When President Piñera traveled on Wednesday, he was waiting at the airport, and El Mercurio made a detailed interview on the weekend. Today, he has spoken again with the press.

Mayol said that due to the murder of the crisis, Camilo Catrillanca was murdered

"When I arrived, as journalists and politicians took me," said Radio Agriculture. And when he asked the government to betray him, he replied: "Carabineros, as an institution, felt the betrayal of the person who committed themselves to crime and accomplices, but the rest of the organization fulfilled the functions. Here, in general, he was paid the colonel," he said .

The former mayor, Consuelo Contreras, Director of the Human Rights Institute, spoke more.

"In fact, the attack and robbery of teachers and minors were traumatized, stolen cars, someone is worried about how they are doing or what happens, is it someone who cared for? The woman in charge of human rights is justified, because she is responsible, the minister What could have happened because of the traumatic consequences, but I have not heard a word about the minors in the car. Students from the school can not learn to learn to learn because they have heard bullets each day, "he added.

In the end, he confirmed that he was studying as a candidate for the governor of the region when the law approves this new power of attorney. "Law is very bad and it creates a position that establishes a lot of hope, but it does not have to change its power," he said.

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