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Meet the new McDonald's future, Chile's new experience [Fayerwayer TV]

McDonald's fast food chain launched a self-service model at the Santiago airport. It is the starting point for a complete restructuring.

Every person is a world, and also in every order McDonald. It's not easy to combine it with Big Mac and that's it.

We are all special, so each order is different: May add, remove pickles, put chickens inside the sandwich.

However, it is sometimes difficult to understand what the cashier can do, and it can be very difficult. Or delay the line you try to explain to the ATM and help you with your friends and get bread and letters and May and more.

Fortunately for everyone, McDonald's future makes this mission easier and faster.


McDonald's Future Experience

The Chilean brand announced the launch of a new and innovative platform for customer services, "Future Experience", a new concept in the food industry.

In this way, the transformation and modernization plan that began in 2017 continues, in the last 2 years it has had an investment of 10 million dollars in the last two years, that is to say, the system for the implementation of this 12 million Euros in 2019 in 2019.

New Future Experience is being launched in Chile for the first time in the new restaurant, the company opened at the Santiago International Airport and will soon be held in more than ten restaurants in 10 countries.

In addition, McDonald has announced that in 2019 he intends to create 400 jobs, allowing young people with the first experience of formal work that allows them to work.

Future experience

We did tests in a new place:

Especially the McDonald's order is very rare (I do not share it so they do not judge it), it was a pleasant experience if the machine-reader interface interfaces would take all the details into account.

I made the request I wanted, without any problems.

They gave me my retirement number, and a little later, it appeared on the store screens, so I could not go in search, it was perfected.


Carlos González, McDonald's Chilean CEO commented on the new system:

We call "Future Experience", a more modern way of interacting with customers, and we are convinced that it is not possible to continue setting the location in Chile. "

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