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Mega Mucho Gusto Glamorama is ready to get up early in the morning

Author: Glamorama Team / November 30, 2018

Television Blows has resigned for Diana 13 in Canal 13 and in the morning when Mucho Gusto de Mega arrives.

Cheerleader decided to finish the contract, Luksic's signal until the end of 2019. For this reason, he took advantage of a clause in the contract, and for that reason he stayed for a few days without paying. fine. And he did that.

The Intruders program reports on all the TV industry's moves, it showed 13 hours ago Channel 13 output.

A 41-year-old journalist came to the building with her father, Enzo, who works for Cecilia Boloni and her work. They spent an hour on TV and on the left. Then, Diana greeted several journalists waiting for the fall of the glass without giving a precedent to their work situation.

Meanwhile, Misty One, Cristián Sánchez, with her husband Diana, confirmed what was happening and the panel assured that Bolocco has a wide range of offers. They commented on the screen.

Meanwhile, Channel 13 13 minutes ago confirmed all of this information through the following statement:

"Without a contractual details with the participants, Diana Borba has negotiated a window for negotiating civil and commercial relations with the company until December 2019 during the month of November.

"The company says it has the right to receive offers and Channel 13 has announced that it has a Mega offer.

"It is not only the first option for renewing the contract for Channel 13, but in the next 30 days, an alternative to come up with a social offer.

"This is the process, and 13 will evaluate if you are interested in renewing or acquiring society, depending on the bid received, because we do not negotiate in the press conference."

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