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Mega night Álvaro Rudolphy and Jorge Zabaleta will face each other

The powerful duel is closed in the coming months on the Mega screen. Nowadays, for many weeks, television is recording a new night for the first time to participate in the world of influences, political power and justice. The Confederation will create an ancient and well-known dilemma, as long as it is capable of defending our children.

"Power Games", the fourth night of the Dramatic Arena directed by María Eugenia Rencoret, is the Mega bet and number 15 production number. He will be included in a plot written by a group led by Luis Ponce and directed by Daniela Demicheli, executive director of the prosecutor Anibal Ramos, Jorge Zabaleta. Because two college brethren were victims, one of them was concerned about losing their lives.

On the way, the president of the Republic of Mariano Beltrán (Álvaro Rudolphy) will do everything to keep up with his family and his political capital and power. light: his son Camilo (Simón Pesutic) is in charge of prosecuting Ramos.

The screen will be the coordinates of the fictional "Doll House" screen, and several recordings have begun several weeks ago, including Lo Barnechea, Peñalolén and Ñuñoa, among others.

The story, defined as a dramatic police and suspense, has a team of 100 people under the direction of Patricio Gonzalez, including Ingrid Cruz, Francisca Imboden, Roberto Farias, Claudio Arredondo, Alejandra Araya, Augusto Schuster, Patricia Rivadeneira, Paula Sharim, Simón Pesutic, Fernanda Ramírez, Rodrigo Soto and Christián Zúñiga, among others.

"Power Games" Álvaro Rudolphy and Jorge Zabaleta, the main filmmaker after eight years of age, will make a television drama full of TV shows that will create a permanent television series. According to Daniela Demicheli, executive producer, "this will be a story that will identify all Chileans, especially parents, the question that will be considered, what would happen to a child?", Says Patricio González, "Everyone who shows us this story is vulnerable and in the street It can happen that everything that happens is affected by our characters, "said" again and again the Mega Screen becomes a Mirror. Here people will find the human point of view in today's Chile. "

Argument analysis

"Mariano Beltran is a great candidate for the presidency of the republic, not a traditional politician: he recently decided that public life is an entrepreneur aimed at the country's destiny. Apparently, it seems to be a perfect life: a diverse family and envy. Until the middle of the campaign, his son Camilo an accident He takes him to the boy to drive him to prison and end his presidential hopes. Like all the father, Mariano Beltran will use all his resources to put his son to prison, and what he does not have to face Farrell Ramos, his dog, and his unlikely relationship. An excellent and strenuous job, sooner or later, will have a personal account to charge the presidential candidates.

How far are your children defending? What would you do for them? What comes first, power or your family?

Technical datasheet

Managing Director Dramatic Area
María Eugenia Rencoret

Executive production
Daniela Demicheli

Directorate General
Patricio González K.

Second unit director
Javier Cavieses

General production
Bruno Córdova

Original Idea
Luis Ponce

Writers group
Luis Ponce
Felipe Montero
María de la Luz Almeyda
Valentina Pollarolo

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