Wednesday , February 1 2023

Meghan Markle has appeared again in the middle of his worst crisis


In the midst of the first real crisis of its public image, or at least its protagonists and not family polemics, The Duchess Sussex is surprised once again in London, with culinary cuisine called "The Hubb Community Kitchen"., with the help of months to create a recipe book released in September.

The wife of Prince Henry's return to the community of Al Manaar, where a great initiative from women affected by the fire of the Grenfell tower began to help those who lost their tragedy. First of all, the funds generated in your project have been able to extend the cooking hours Those who work seven days a week – and meals prepared for the day, and now for women or homeless and nursing shelters.

Hers did not pay tribute, it was the last year in the last January, before his connection, because Meghan did not know how to close the sleeve, put on his sword and prepared more help. They only sent 200 dishes to Wednesday. Also, also She invited her chef Clare Smyth, along with her friend, to show off the work we are proud of side volunteers.

The mother of the future has shown its uniqueness and closeness to everyone who receives it repeatedly, He was smiling as his old friend smiled as he made comments about the tummy already.

It was the only public publication in the last days due to all traffic The difficult nature of the Duchess or his staff in the palace or Isabel II to approach his new institutional role They will be forgotten and they will talk about all those who have committed their former role.

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