Saturday , January 16 2021

Meghan's father Markle's "arrogant" hard message sent by Prince Harry, Culture and shows

© AFP A hard message sent by Meghan Markle's dad

Thomas Markle has clarified that he continues to talk about his daughter and her husband if they do not communicate with each other.

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The bad relations that Sussex Duchess has with them are known, Meghan Markle, It does not seem to be deepening with her family and in the last hours.

Now, Meghan's dad, Thomas Markle, has announced that he will talk about him and if his husband, Prince Harry, does not talk to him, he told The Sun.

"I will continue to talk and I will probably be stronger." The silence of Meghan and Enrique gives tweets and pardons to me and my relatives, "said his father, Prince Enrique"act like a man".

"Man is like the rest of us. It feels especially Others and people have the right to speak badly. And I can not accept that. It seems strangely"Markle added.

In spite of his speech, Thomas Markle is ready to reconcile with his daughter and hopes to have a first meeting with her husband.

"When it was called to me one day, I would say, how have you been? I am glad to hear you," he said. She adds that she has not done anything to receive treatment for her daughter and relative.


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