Wednesday , May 18 2022

Messi and Bartzelona Barcelona are waves


Coach Ernesto Valverde suggested that the South American team consistently featured the system. So they played.

According to: L. Rivera Talpen

Arturo Vidal has won 2-0 against Vila-real. As Atletico Madrid and PSV Eindhoven played in the Champions League, it was completely unknown to the Chilean Ernesto Valverde, but it must be done directly with Lionel Messi's moves.

Prior to the position of Ivan Rakitic and Sergio Busquets, "King Arthur" put the shuttle in front of "Yellow Submarine", but it was clear that he was going ahead. This is not new … but synchronization with Lionel Messi.

When Luis Suarez was missing out, "10" went halfway and the American champion gave several meters to the center. From three quarters of South America, several episodes of the encounter combine to find spaces before the siege of visitors.

Vidal finished the plays and Messi accelerated the creation zone. In the minute 58, for example, in the round of the Argentinean riders, but "22" the Catalans opened their legs to make Sergio Asenjo the goalkeeper difficult.

The national team played a great performance and was applauded by the fans that had replaced Camp Nou (70 & # 39;).

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