Monday , June 14 2021

Messi's world-renowned genius: "has supernatural powers" – International Football Championship

© Reuters Messi's world-renowned genius:

In order to play against Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona striker stole his glance "he made the best dribble on his career". TVN


Ability Lionel Messi The world surprised him again. This time it was before Atlético de MadridIn addition to being a "victim" of the Brazilian Defense Filipe Luis, who was a privileged audience "The best dribble of the race" Argentine striker, as he defined Mark.

The same detail of the data: "Messi won his positionLuis Filipe, when the ball was placed on the ground, got the Argentinian soccer player to fall off, which is why he was hiding between his legs from Brazil. signing a new game of football history ".



England Underground Thus, this game highlights "non-manifestations of this planet", "if you doubt, Lionel Messi demonstrated supernatural capabilities over the weekend. "

du Daily mail "Unlocking new titles continues", underlining the message of social networking fans who were impressed by the connection between Messi Barcelona and Madrid.


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