Wednesday , October 27 2021

Michael Schumacher does not prostrate, and there is no mechanic equipped with sports


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Karim Jaafar I Agence France Presse

A major revelation was made by the British media "Daily Mail & # 39; multi-champion Formula 1 health status Michael Schumacher, On 29 December 2013, he had an accident in the French Alps.

According to the media, the Germans did not sleep and did not need artificial respiration to survive.

"Sportsmail understands that It's not in bed There is no pipe too. However, it is believed that a nurse and a therapeutic therapeutic broadband cost more than 50,000 pounds (63,000 dollars), "they revealed.

Today, the pilot lives in Switzerland, with a specially equipped recovery room, and depending on a few data that exceeds it, it would be a normal weight and it would not depend on the machine's life.

We have said that this information would be consistent with the final expressions of the President The International Automobile Federation, Jean Todt, As Schumacher saw in Formula 1 Brazil's Grand Prix.

The 29th of December, the German Alps will be an accident in Germany.

On this occasion, the rider played with his family and turned his head against rock. Since then, his health status has been completely hidden.

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