Thursday , June 8 2023

Mineduc is committed to transferring students to the U. del Pacífico


The campus has a loss of $ 822 million over the last three years.

Nothing was made for the students of the Universidad del Pacífico with the action plan presented by the Ministry of Education (Mineduc), yesterday. The students stated that they expected accurate measures that did not find solutions to short-term prevention.

Juan Eduardo Vargas, Head of the Higher Education Division, explained that this week they saw possible solutions to problems and that the agreement with the authorities authorities would seek "opportunities" to sign agreements with other universities in 2019 to go to the best possible conditions. "

To this end, Vargas says "that the university must be guaranteed to be closed in 2018, as well as the continuation of educational services for students who choose to continue." Parallel to that, it is important that we have opened the investigation, that is, the decision to request the National Board of Education to cancel the official recognition of this organization. "

Mineduk's research process has not established dates and can last for a month.

According to the financial situation of the University of the Pacific, in 2015, it was a loss of $ 4,481 million; In 2016 it was $ 1,582 million; and in 2017 $ 8.222 billion of $ 2.059 billion.

The University of Patient is Julio Ortúzar Rojas Foundation and, in 2017, he lost his credentials after refusing renewal. This was the beginning of uncertainty, although the economic crisis was clearly evident when a Colombian investor predetermined, committed to the lack of resources injected.

At the beginning of November, due to internal chaos, according to the leaders of the students, and in the last two weeks, 15 civil servants resigned.

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