Thursday , October 6 2022

Minister Chadwick premiered the appointment of La Moneda with national general Hermes Soto


In the midst of a crisis that drags Chile's Carabineros, "ultra" meetings have been held at La Moneda Palace. be able to reconstruct events After the death of Camilo Catrillanca, identify plans to address questions.

Thus, on Thursday, the internal minister, Andrés Chadwick, was confronted with the director general of Hermes Soto, after meeting 4:00 pm

Soto Isla went to sleep, without internal communication, to avoid anybody, Internal dependencies. It was carried out through the 80 door of the Morandé 80, when it was used on Monday, along with the six main supervisors entrusted by the President of the Republic of Sebastian Piñera.

Appointment – absolute discretion – was the regular press movements of La Moneda carefully since did not know, So, Chadwick and Soto talked about the last day they did not talk about communication.

At the meeting time Radio Bio Bio has received two versions: Una habla de 20 minutes Approximately, in which the political authority and head Carabineros were closed, while the other was the meeting that opened for more than an hour, and like everyone else, they were alone.

The content of this meeting was not revealed, but it was confirmed by the meeting list of questions General Hermes Soto could answer.

The Government aims to determine the hours after the death of Catrillanca

La Moneda is an open secret Inside, Carabineros wanted to know about the international movement he knew after killing, especially taking steps Officials traveling to Santiago and Araucanía will arrive at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 14th.

The order and security, the Christian Franzani General Inspection, or the Director of Internal Affairs Juan Pablo Caneo, as well as the interviews with Carabineros lawyers, was ordered. this puzzle at this point Government keys and, above all, Internal.

In addition, the Executive knows what the President Piñera has learned The "tough" way, He explained a great deal of information about all the data and information "Can not accept" dates or hide events.

And the questions that today's administration fear that the believers give questions about justice in investigations, after ex-officials of the GABE officials were falsifying their first statement.

The Minister of Interior, Andrés Chadwick, has continued to monitor the information about the case, especially due to the concern not only of the cause of the organization, but also of "Hermes Soto," a keen and enthusiastic tone.

Another point that the government is giving is that Franzani General, who sent him to the area of ​​uniform information, traveled with a police uniform lawyer, even if it was a particular problem. "Collect background" Soto, at the same time, informed Chadwick that he had to communicate the data.

At this point, the Carabineros plane, together with the other officials arriving at Temuco, is nowadays known. Pre-prepared information and contradictions.

Telephone calls

Since it is a natural currency, it encourages some political rulers I thought what was happening He passed the doors of the police station at Pailahueque or Ercilla, restricting himself to the information transmitted to Carabineros and, of course, waiting for the steps taken by the Public Prosecutor's Office.

However, and on Tuesday, according to statements by Sebastian Piña, president of Radio Piñero, it was clear to everyone It should question the internal information, While the United States had its head in Singapore.

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