Sunday , May 16 2021

Minister Cubillos received Bill of the Fair's approval

This Thursday, the president Piñera, together with the Minister of Education, Marcela Cubillos, signed the project Improving the School Recognition System (SAE). Municipal and subsidized private schools and, therefore, perceive the merit as part of the selection.

"Recognition of merit is not a reward, justice, in every story of endeavor and merit, in a context of vulnerability, a young person, family, teacher, a better future for him and our country. # Entry Fair", the minister wrote on Twitter the project After learning about it.

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However, through the same social network, Head of Education Rodrigo Salinas Corona interviewed, former teacher of their children, who calls the Minister of Change announced.

"I was a teacher of two children, a minister, grandchildren, opinions, values, ideas … but not good grades. They could not access a public "excellence" school according to their criteria. Acceptance is discrimination. Notes are not everything", Write Salinas.

Cubillos responded rapidly and wrote: "The teacher might not have come in and it would be a reason why this would be someone who has more academic merit. Let's talk among minors? Maybe I went in. 6.9 NEM, national score PAA Mathematics and teachers have always respected all the students. #Admission Fair ".

The conversation continued between the minister and the professor and the latter questioned the education of the latter.

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"And do you not see any injustice, Minister? I did it Public education should have the chance to share national scores, among others. In this way, Chile really grows in justice and not in the leloskopia, "said the teacher.

According to the findings Third PM, Salinas said that the Minister of Education had power and expressed his opinion on Twitter's reasons, even though he criticized himself with the same social network to inform students about their data.

"All children and young people in Chile have the right to learn in good schools, what should be done to improve the quality of the schools, to improve the teacher's salaries and infrastructures. Choosing children in their remarks, leaving them internally and others away, seems like a discriminatory practice".

In addition, Salinas stated that "Private schools also want children to choose from, as well as from public schools, my daughters are studying and the grade is not over."

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