Monday , July 4 2022

Minister Roberto Ampuero: "Mr. Escobar Poblete has just one month to justify Mexico's justice"


The Foreign Minister, Roberto Ampuerto, thanked the Mexican government for extraditing the ex-frontalist Raúl Escobar Poblete, who tried in Chile for the crime of the senator Jaime Guzmán.

The Chilean diplomats said the accused was under a month's appeals to make a decision on Aztec Justice.

The Chilean foreign minister stressed that in Mexico he was commemorating "Commander Emilio" in his kidnappings, which are cruelty kidnappings. "

The Secretary of State also evaluated the court ruling "clearly indicates Mexico's commitment to terrorism, organized crime, justice and cooperation between states."

"At the same time, his confidence has shown that there is a legal norm in our country," the minister added.

"Sometimes it takes time for justice, but it has come, and in that sense we are on our way and in the right direction," said the foreign minister.

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