Saturday , June 19 2021

Misifú: The story of the cat coming from the Venezuelan Chileans

Before President Sebastian Piñera, 100 Chileans were dropped from the Venezuelan Boeing 767 in the front of the FACH Group 10.

The company took 43 men, 57 women and one cat. Inside a ventilation bag, Misifú, the unassuming mascot of Andrea Guedes (19).

The young women, the Venezuelan father and Chilean mother, seduced their cats. "I was at that first moment, but we gave him a pill, we took it to take it," he said.

"He made some papers in the beginning, he traveled a lot, but thanks to God, he was four years old in January, it is shy and scary, it's a family ruin," added Guedes, his family goes to Coquimbo.

The animal is essential for the relaxation of young women, who suffer from migraines. That is why he went to boarding the Puerto Rican Consulate in Caracas.

"We are glad that we can bring Misifu because our daughter is very helpful, we are tired, but very well, Venezuelan is a very difficult situation, it is very difficult," said Claazo Suazo, mother of Guedes.

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