Sunday , July 3 2022

Misinformation and truth through the press


Anyone who confesses that the press media advocating for the commercial advertising interests, with this permanent sustainable income, paid salaried journalists and paid other expenses, would be desirable. It was possible as much information as possible, without understanding, objectivity and freedom of expression, at least in Chile, as he described himself in the paper that was not practiced through traditional press.

30 Mercosur and Copesa (La Tercera) have two consortiums that deal with commercial readers and senior executives, although the former still has an impact and the latter makes practical variations. Ricardo Claro, a consortium created by the red emblem of the dictatorship, publishes the Diario Financiero and the Journal Magazine. The second one tries to take something on the market.

In a particular number, in a number, digital media and radio we do not know, it is clear to a professional news professional, who is aware of its correct dimension, based on educated, prepared and educated public opinion. Fake news, like those who like to know English, the most authentic, write. Open TV channels are geared towards entertainment, TV shows, dance competitions, and criminal gangs, which is why they do not have the necessary journalism in the developing countries. .

Today, Friday, November 23, 2018, criticizing the President of the Constructors Association criticizes and criticizes the paralysis of investments, "El Mercurio was published and" Patricio Donoso, the title of the CCHC ". and "that the Organization exceeds its powers and opposes the decisions of other State bodies that affect real estate and infrastructure". The readers who do not comply with the role of the Director of the Office of Control of the Office of the Republican Office have to believe that they have been published in the chronicle published in that public signed document.

The author of the announcement has said that "in recent months, ministers and employers have often heard public and private activities that concern public decision-making in the Republican Controls," the purportedly insecure dumpers will be directed to the Director of the Office of Contractors Jorge Bermúdez, in accordance with the law, Minvu and the City Council It has led to administrative action by some of the Directorates of Labor.

The text budget was given as an example, "…….. A new opinion resulted in the development of 25 real estate projects amounting to $ 25 million (that is, it is not effective) .This digital media is provided to the CCHC and the newspaper, the councilor Felipe Muñoz According to innovation, there are 38 residential towers divided into 30 and 40 floors, divided into hundreds of small apartments, some vertical ghettoes end up with their own occupied houses and others with construction processes, which must be paralyzed by the opinion of General Procurement, and the total investment would be $ 1,000 million .

Building companies' associations and spokesman's newspapers shared a mad dreaming of unraveling the jurisdictional frameworks of the Contractor and proposing to clarify the scope of proposals in concerns. The technical institutions, that is, the Olympic fantasy couple tries to exclude the real estate business, which laughs.

The General Procurement Office is obligated to revoke certain resolutions of the CCHC Minutes, Administrative and Assistance Branches, clearly illegal and to comply with some of the Municipal Directives for authorized buildings. We have proposed fatigue for a long period of time to ensure that the best and fastest way of building a legal certainty is to respect the applicable Law, its regulations, and the urban planning regulations contained in the Intercommunity and Community Regulations. It's very easy. We have repeated this on November 23, an ad hoc seminar organized by the Appraiser Architects Association.

In any case, it is essential to change the purely business proposals that imply the powers of the procurement by virtue of the law of law. The 10,336 constitutional law of the autonomous body of debit is not owned by any deputy or senator of the property. Applying for the company's association will be very convenient. Therefore, the contractor will continue, although they do not want, the legal task is essential for the growing corruption in the country.

Therefore, we hope that the builders always respect the sectoral laws, as they are advised by professionals competent to request municipal authority authorizations, if they are well received, they have never been hired at the Office or the Courts of Justice. In the end, we are convinced that the magazine El Mercurio will keep this column every day, as it continues through the subterranean accommodation of the news, because these channels are strong, standard and have a direct relationship, through a settled lobby, with La Moneda and the National Congress.

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