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mobile phones will be sold

Mobile phones have been with us for decades. We thought over. Throughout its history, we have seen trademarks up and down, countries that are selling more countries and the terminal themselves, much better than so many phones.

We have seen some icons we have seen for many years, such as the presentation of iPhone 2007, and will go to history in 2018, but for less reason. For the first time All the year they sell less than in previous phones. We have seen a few drops in sales observed up until now, but it's never the whole year.

The market is very mature

In Spain, when hundreds of mobile mobile operators began to deal with telecommunications (banks, supermarkets, etc.), the operator sector suffered a great deal of damage.

The same thing for mobile phones did not happen, but something similar. There are many brand names or strategies that have changed aggressively.

Among the main companies, only a few have been sold more than 2018 by 2018 and this is another problem. Hard times come with brands, like Samsung. The company reaffirmed that its revenue has fallen by 29% compared to the previous year, as well as the fall in sales of other manufacturers in mobile phones as well. If they sell less brands, they buy fewer parts of Samsung.

These Chinese brands are beneficial

In general, even though sales are less than year-to-year, it does not mean that all companies sell less. In fact, some like Xiaomi and Huawei have sold much more than in previous years, 26% and 34% respectively.

Other Chinese companies, such as OPPO and Vivo have also improved, but to a lesser extent. Outside of Asia are Nokia (HMD) and Techno.

The rest are LG and Lenovo, respectively, with industry, Apple and Samsung heavyweights, respectively, of 4% and 8% respectively.

How is the world market distribution?

These movements have had minor changes in the list of companies that sell the most, but there are some important moves. In 2018 Huawei Apple also put it together with the market share and wants to be the leading manufacturer of 2019 or 2020, notably because Samsung does not change the course.

Another great opponent Xiaomi, The fifth, sixth and sixth position, which exceeds Vivo and OPPO, somehow due to international expansion, because we talked several times in the blog.

In a market like this, the competition is growing, since almost all users have mobile phones, they can keep each brand apart, for example, Africans, even if there is a latent market, although the signatures of this continent are not the smartphone penetration what they see

As we have said, the end of a period.

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