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Monster Hunter partnership: World and Assassin's Creed

Japanese company Capcom, announced today that it will be a collaboration between the saga world Monster Hunter and the universe Assassin's Creed. This fusion of universes will allow us to find a saga of murderers within the Japanese videogame.

Monster Hunter special events will end on January 10

The best thing we can enjoy content. But it is true that we want to experience this experience hurriedly. This collaboration will be given by a special event that will end next year January 10th for the consoles. In the case of players PC it is still unknown Term date event

How do we see it? trailerWe will find the famous giants named Saga stars Ubisoft. As we can see in the video, this event seems to be our final character The order of the murderers. That's why we can find some strange objects from Saga.

On the one hand we will be Bayes armor Bay announced the name of Layered Armor. On the other hand, we will be one weapon You can use the Assassin's Hood game.

And you will join the special event Mosnter Hunter to get special items?

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