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At the age of 15, his mother's death would be the main suspect in the Puente Alto neighborhood, then On Wednesday, February 27 He himself informed the police that he found that his mother had died, whose body was covered with flowers in the building's warehouse.

"The judge was able to obtain evidence and backgrounds that link the possible liability of the accused", he mentioned Eliezer Rojas, Curator of the Homicide Brigade of the PDI, a Now the news.

In addition, Rojas gave details of the body of the deceased. guaranteeing this "Outlaw injuries are caused by third-party injuries and we are currently waiting for the Autopsy of the Medical Service Medical Service to reliably determine the exact circumstances of his death. "

Also look: the woman is in the house of the dead, the injuries attributed to third parties

This Thursday morning the teenagers are arrested and will be on Friday March 1 High Court of the High Court.

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