Monday , May 29 2023

Moreno and the Araucanía Plan doubts: we can not lose everything


The crisis that caused the death of a Mapuche commercially Camilo Catrillanca Ercilla has not only reached the social scene, protests and demonstrations, but also the former mayor of Aravana, Luis Mayol, and the resignation and resignation of Carabineros officials.

For this reason, it is a question that follows Araucanian PlanHowever, the political authorities have consistently confirmed, among others, the president of Sebastián Piñera.

In the same tonic Alfredo Moreno, Social Development Minister, safe entered T13 night that's it The Araucanía plan must move forward Especially after the death of Camilo Catrillanca, "since the life of the young man has been lost and the experience of violence that has occurred since then, the people have made progress and he thanked him even more. You can miss it. "

However Visit the president Piñera to visit the Araucanía region This Friday, the minister agreed with the agreement that "the president is the president of all the Chilean people, as it is very difficult in the area." They expect what they expect from the state and the state that directs them, stay up and say "I am with you"& # 39; ".

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Araucanía has given the same support to the current leaders, Luis Mayol, whose resignation was confirmed as "personal decision." "I think he has made the best spirits Always put La Araucanía and Chileans ahead of their personal benefits", estimates Moreno.

Thus, the Secretary of State He emphasized how the government happened With the death of Catrillanca, compared to similar situations in this country, "here has been the Government and the Carabineros have done very fast and very deeply."

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