Sunday , June 13 2021

Morgan Stanley puts it among Chile's favorite bet for 2019

A strong growth in corporate profits, added to external factors, like stabilization rates in the US, will increase regional markets next year.

The optimism about Chile's reflection solutions is not just a local phenomenon, amongst international analysts that require betting in our country.

This time it was Morgan Stanley, He called on investors to report on customers Chilean excess weight in their portfolio, along with Brazil and Peru.

Instead of maintaining Argentina's recommendation to reduce exposure to Mexico and Colombia.

The Bank continues to face Latin American solutions in general The corporate profit growth and the "little support" of the Federal Reserve Subsidies would market the stock markets.

"Global and local factors expect multiple valuations throughout 2019," said Guilherme Paiva, César Medina, Nikolaj Lippmann, and Valentina Rodríguez on Monday in a report. Morgan Stanley expects revenue from the region to grow 2019 in 2019 and 5% in 2020. MSCI Latin American indices will return 12% to US dollars at the end of next year.

In this way, the US bank joins its projections towards its rival JPMorgan Chase last week highlighted one of the 2019 major Chilean bets. According to the entities, this year's local exchange shows a poor performance record for the coming months, especially considering the growth of the economy, that the implementation of the reforms would be improved.

In this way, IPSA achieved 7,200 points at the end of 2019 About 40% increase from your current location.

In this way, the confidence of international experts in Chile's stock market in 2019 increases.

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