Tuesday , November 12 2019
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Morgana and Kayle will receive important changes

Riot Games has large 2019 plans. We already tell you that the Legislative Legends are developing a new character that will go to the upper streets and have new abilities.

However, even though new champions were working, You can not forget Summoner's already in Crevice. Many have been obsolete and the mechanics do not belong to the current game.

We've already seen some Galio, Aatrox, Irelia or Akali have been very successful in their work. Metagame has forgotten the championship most played.

This is what Riot Morgana and Kayle want to do. For this reason, the following characters appear in the transformation process.

According to Reddit's leaked information, There will be major changes in Morga. Its new capability will be similar to the Cassiopeia limiting the movements of the enemy.

On the other hand, Kayle will see his latest changes completely. The mechanics will be similar to Atrox, even though it is gradually increasing.

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