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Motorola confirms that a mobile folding device is working, and could be a revival of legendary RAZR

To make fever smartphones folding Samsung or Samsung Huawei Mate X is marketed with terminals such as Samsung or Huawei leader (at least paying attention). Nowadays, there is a long way to make softer devices, but not the courage of the manufacturers and the innovation behind this technology. Motorola will not leave behind In this area, they have also confirmed that they are working smartphone folding

Motorola was one of the most popular mobile phones at the time with "shell design" Motorola RAZR V3More than a decade ago, it sold 130 million units. By taking advantage of sections and luggage, Motorola would miss out on now that your mobile phones will be reset (this time the screen is also folding).

RAZR Lenovo patented Motorola RAZR with folding screen.

Last month, the patent Lenovo (now the owner of Motorola), we saw clearly the trace of the RAZR V3 icon. Of course, we are now looking forward Full screen inside with no physical keyboard or excess frames. Outside, there was a small extra screen, a camera and fingerprint reader.

Dan Dery, vice president of Motorola Product, reaffirmed Recently in the Engadget conversation, effectively, They are not late for this market of smartphones folding:

We're doing a lot of itineraries […] There is no intention of arriving in the other market.

It should be noted that Motorola's commitment is not to unlock the screen as in Huawei Mate X. I mean, Folds internally on the screen by leaving the device "protected" there are The size of the phone before the tablet was also commonplace when it was deployed, as stated, Motorola does not have any intention tabletsThat's why Lenovo is in charge of the company.

Here is the main problem with the hinge and how it is Folding is not a space between the screen. You should also take into account the persistence and resistance of friction and bending of the screen. Stacking over folding mobiles is a huge challenge for industry smartphones and all the manufacturers entering this new field remain persistent.

With mobile folding price

As soon as Samsung Galaxy Fold appeared, the most expensive cell phone award ever since 1996 was won. It lasted for a while, Huawei Mate X came out sooner a few days later. Folding mobiles have a lot of cutting-edge technology, and a report from R & D payable by the WSJ announced If Motorola RAZR returns with a folding screen, it will be at a high price.


According to WSJ, Its price could be around 1,500 eurosMotorola is far from the prices it currently makes on the market. The low-end and mid-range range has been the ultimate in recent years, the Motorola RAZR 2019 is not designed for the same markets, end-of-end and limited units. Motorola is expected to manufacture more than 200,000 units and could be sold exclusively by US operator Verizon.

It's the mythical name of the RAZR brandIt is one of the identifiable ones in the industry. It first appeared in 2004 and is not the first time it is trying to revive the manufacturer, since it was tested in 2011 with Droid Razr. It did not work well, because it was not folding, it now seems to be re-shaped with a form that looks like its originals. We will be glad to tell you the truth and how it works.

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