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Moves with Telefónica Movistar and Movistar with Subtel

This Thursday, the Operator's Changes and Insistent Reports (IMI) were announced and their disagreements were announced on the proposal of the authority, which was published in November on the next post. mobile access

Entel and Movistar proposed a 5.71-minute, and 6.07-minute rate, respectively, to reduce their expectations, but they are still far away from the Subcommittee of Telecommunications (Subtel) for $ 1, 4 minutes. In the case of Entel, a $ 4.9-a-minute rate was created and $ 4.6 a month for Spanish.

For each, Claro and WOM once again increased the proposed rates. The first, $ 1.2 per minute and $ 1 per minute, and the second $ 0.19 per minute $ 0.27 per minute. VTR was the only operator that presented the proposal before the previous operator, $ 0.16 minutes, 0.2 minutes.

Expert opinion. IMI, the opinion of the Expert Committee, asked Entel, Movistar, Claro and VTR to create a technical approval with the authority's proposals.

The character not binding to the table consists of three experts. WOM was the only operator not the only expert. The cost of the expert is 25,000 UF (about $ 100 thousand).

In the analysis, the technical proposal of Subtel was very helpful in calculating the access fee for 4G technology, 12 experts participated in the government's thesis.

The four experts on the proposal for the Government proposal, two of them representing a lower level operator, Entel and Movistar.

"The demand for telecommunication user data only grows in the coming years, which is why it is essential to continue to grow the high-speed mobile networks and benefit users, for example, the 4G network and nearly 15 million users in only four years," said Pamela Gidi, Deputy Secretary of Telecommunications.

The definition of the fee for mobile access charges will be established in January and will be applied for five years. Following the publication of the IMI and Expert Committee report, the authorities will define model companies and rates.

Guid said that "the final access tariffs will continue to increase competition, by eliminating artificial asymmetries, as well as reducing the cost of paying business costs to telecommunications users today."

WOM and VTR value the delivery of these reports, ensuring that the results are consistent with the results.

Movistar, meanwhile, said that his report indicates that "the authorities have studied the patterns studied numerically". Entel, on the other hand, underlined the opinion of the experts Tomás Flores, who was designated as an ordinary agreement, that 3G Operator and a mixed network 4G recommends the gradual use of Efficiency Business and VoLTE technology, according to its approaches.

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