Monday , June 5 2023

Movistar questions Subtel uses 3.5 GHz band to scale up request for Entel and Claro and TDLC


Both companies are only denounced as authorized by these services.

There are new conflicts that arise in the telecommunications sector. This, Movistar consulted before the National Free Competition, deciding whether or not to determine how much 3.5GHz band ice cream shares. 5G technology bids Entel and Claro benefits.

To launch this technology, Subtel decided to freeze the band's use so that both companies have a national coverage. After the opposition of national and Mexican companies, the measure changes vice versa when companies develop fixed services through wireless networks.

Therefore, prior to TDLC, Movistar requested that it be evaluated so that Entel and Claro continue to develop a 3.5 GHz part of the band. In this way, 5G are bidding to provide services to other services. .

"Subtel's resolution execution can lead to serious anti-competitive competition, with 3.5GHz bidders taking advantage of non-profit making competitive competitive and perpetual competitive advantages that will exclude their competitors by competing outside the mobile telecommunication industry and the bargaining market betting market The competition designed by the ex ante regulation, "says the 21 page document.

According to the events, Movistar offers Entel and Claro other non-authorized services, starting in 1999, the fixed telephony was developed, but wirelessly, in theory, they would exclude mobile technologies, the basis of the accusation.

"Authorization requests are intended only for the implementation of a compatible 5G network infrastructure to provide competitive advantages to other Entel and Claro mobile operators, unless approved by the appropriate backup," says Movistar.

According to the Spanish company, both companies will open the infrastructure to provide an advantage in the bidding process and, therefore, assign a 5G space, they will be able to market their services much earlier than their competitors.

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