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Murtaza's dull, football bag with a plastic bag made of Messi


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STR, Karim Jaafar I Agence France Presse

For more than two years, he met the story of the small child of the Afghan football world Murtaza, fan Lionel Messi.

The Taliban experienced a reputation as a boy (Jaghori) who lived in a controlled region today in 2016, when he became a viral figure, a Messi shirt made from a plastic pocket. "

After this post, an operation was created, the child became aware of his idols and his dream became possible.

Visit Barcelona in Qatar in an advertising tour. He was sensibly measured Al-Ahli Saudi He was able to meet Murtaza Messi during the previous day and gave him a few minutes.

The conflict was the safest and most peaceful area in which the child was 17 years old, but at the beginning of November, relative tranquility disappeared when the Taliban invaded the region.

That is why two-thirds of the population had to flee to shelter. Murtaza and his family were among those people.

"I lost my house to Jaghu, I do not play here and I can not play football or come out", the boy is in favor of Kabul's Afghan capital today.

When he was tearing the child's eyes, he remembered the gifts he made in Messi in 2016. Thanks to the conflict, Murtaza was unable to sign two shirts and gave the ball to Trasandino.

"We have left behind," said Sporti. "We could not go home when we went tonight, and my mother asked me to leave the ball and the shirts," he added.

While the Afghan forces were expelling the Taliban from the region, the family did not want to return home.

And after encountering Messi, Murtaza and his family received constant threats, because the star of Barcelona gave a lot of money.

"When he met Murtaza and met Qatar when he met Messi, it was a complex situation and we were afraid that the people around him felt that Messi had a lot of money," said his older brother, Humayoon Ahmadi, 17 years old.

Unknown persons were home-grown throughout the night and relatives received phone threats.

"That's why he was afraid he would be kidnapped and the next day we blocked Murtaza, and we did not send it to school for two years," he added.

The threats were overwhelming and in May 2016 they left the Pakistani house. However, the asylum was denied and they had to return to Jaghoro.

Then they had to leave again to the Taliban's fraud.

Two years later, the boy did not forget the promise made by Qatar by Messi.

"Messi told me" when they are a bit older, I fix things for you, "" Murtaza, since his last meeting, did not contact the player.

"Take me with me, I can not play football here, it's just here," he said, "imitating the blasts and the sound of the shots.

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