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NASA has confirmed that Saturn has lost its ring characteristics. | technology


SaturnThe second largest planet in the Solar System has lost its ring characteristics. And even more disturbing, it is doing very fast.

This has been confirmed by a new study of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)Based on observations from Voyager 1 and 2.

By examining the space agency, the planet's gravity rings are being dragged, like ice powder with ice particles, disappearing for about 100 million years.

James O DonoghueAccording to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt (Maryland), the "ring rain" dissolves half an hour of liquid material to fill an Olympic pool.

Representing Saturn's Cassini Probe | NASA
Representing Saturn's Cassini Probe | NASA

However, although all the rings disappeared in 300 million years, O & # 39; Donoghue cites the data provided by the Cassini probes, it is known that the material that falls from the equator Saturn It is even bigger, which is why it will last 100 million years.

Some seem to be a long time, it's pretty short because Saturn is about four million years old.

"We're lucky to see the Saturn ring system, though the rings are temporary, maybe we lost the giant Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune systems, now only thin curls!" Said O & # 39; Donoghue.

NASA's Saturn rings are mostly ice pieces made of ice, From a microscopic dust powder, a wide variety of rocks.

"The particle of the ring breaks the balance between Saturn's gravity attraction, which wants to take them to the planes, and their orbital speed, which they want to launch in space," said NASA.

In this way, small particles are electrically charged through ultraviolet light, or the plumes of the plasma generated by the rings micrometrophic bombs.

"When this happens, the particles will feel the magnetic field of Saturn, the rings curved to the planet. In some parts of these rings, the balance of the forces of these small particles changes dramatically, and Saturn's gravity drives through the magnetic fields of the upper atmosphere "It forms a space agency.

Comparison between Saturn and Earth | NASA
Comparison between Saturn and Earth | NASA

There, the ice ring particles evaporate and chemical water can react to Saturn's ionosphere. As a result of these reactions, the H3 + ion is added to the particle life of the electrically charged particles, consisting of three protons and two electrons.

It should be noted accordingly NASAThe distance between the rings and the atmosphere of Saturn is 2,000 kilometers.

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