Wednesday , October 16 2019
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NASA stopped Elon Musk smoking publicly

The agency convinced nearly seven million reasons.

Remember that Elon Musk was on show Joe Rogan experience Burn herb casually? Well, NASA found out about it and, apparently, they are not happy.

The space agency does not use more and more legal drugs; It seems that how it affects the security of the effects that one of its major contracts promotes the consumption of substances that change the senses.

Elon Musk burns grass and designs electric plane

Elon Musk is not sending the rocket after smoking marijuana. But your staff did it. therefore, Jim BridenstineThe NASA administrator talked about the subject; and stressed that Musk will not do it again in public:

I will tell you (his behavior) was not useful and inspired confidence; and should take them as examples of what should be done by the leaders of these organizations. Especially when executing an organization that launches into the American astronauts space.

I will tell you that security is committed to security; and understands that this was not the right behavior, and he will not see it again.

Bridenstin said that we do not see Elon Musk seeing alcohol that drinks alcohol or burns herb. While it's your company SpaceX and Boeing Civilians participate in the project for the manned flights in space.

All this represents a contract USD 6,800 million. In Musk's situation, anyone could give it.

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