Tuesday , January 18 2022

National was reinforced as official


Former Colo Colo, about six months ago near Peñarol, now joined the archivist and started in Mexico.

Octavio Rivero went to Peñarola for a long time. The player wanted to return to Uruguay and was step by step, but he did not leave Colo Colo. Finally, he went to Atlas on June 2018 and his adventure ended in Mexico.

Of course, in the afternoon Manya was formally reinforced as the opponent of the opponent, Montevideo NationalEast Shift caused a major shake in the market.

Rivero got a semester in Mexico, and he did not have a good time and reached Puebla. However, This operation was not materialized and returned to its original country.

The Uru race will be on the seventh shirt Central Spanish, Rentistas, Higgins, Vancouver Whitecaps, Colo Colo and Atlas. Success!

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