Wednesday , October 20 2021

Navarro and Chahuan close and the last session of the Cambiadita in the Senate | national


Yesterday, on the last day of January, he was in the Senate, and ended on Wednesday, the time of events, where parliamentarians could submit public interest issues and ask for information on some authorities.

Unfortunately, this instance only involved two legislators: Alejandro Navarro and Francisco Chahuán had to listen to each other and were able to play "cambiaditas" in the room in the presidency.

"He even promoted Christmas earlier," said Alejandro Navarro ironically, with the remaining 43 senators in their opinion.

Due to the level of compliance with the civil servants, when he was looking for ridiculously, the video has been rated in Chahuán. For the first time he clarified doubts about a police procedure caused by a student from the University of Valparaíso.

"I offer the necessary offices and clear all the events that affect the student Josefa Silva," said Chahuan.

This curious night happened when Navarro, the only party to the room and the only colleague, at that time, when he was the president of the body, asked for his request and then asked him to turn the floor again.

A joke, at this time only Chahúan and Navarro can change.

"I've struggled all my life for the time being, that is, what it's time to talk about. Yesterday I got alternative alternatives to Patagü's route or Servio to avoid the taco between San Pedro, Concepción and Coronel, and ask authorities to ask for instructions and official instructions I am ", explains Senator Bío Bío.

"Historic practice is what people who are interested in the topic are talking about what you want to talk about in your region. I have spoken several times because they only remain interested", he concluded.

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