Monday , January 25 2021

Netflix has presented its cheapest plan in history … but you can only use it on your phone

Netflix has begun to rise its prices, but fortunately, it also launched a very accessible plan, although it is still not available everywhere

Lately, Netflix has given us bad news that all their plans will increase in price, and that does not make anyone happy. Fortunately, it's a relatively cheap plan to launch; but for now it's only available to India (at least now). It may soon come to other places, so what you need to know is what it is.


Netflix new plan

It is not uncommon for the company to launch new India plans and extend it to other countries; so it is very likely that we will see here soon. They have taken the new plan, the most economic in history. These are your prices:

  • Mobile: 1 SD screen / mobile or single tablet: 250 rupee ($ 3.61)

Yes, as the name of the plan indicates; You can only watch your favorite movie series on your mobile phone or tablet: it will not work on your screens or computers; In addition to consoles and other devices, you can use Netflix.

So, if you do not mind seeing a content on the screen smaller than usual; Without a doubt, you will be one of the most anticipated streaming companies that present your new plan in your country.

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