Sunday , May 16 2021

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Free samples with Amazon

Some US media have begun to avoid huge e-commerce practices. Amazon launches pilot program When you try to send free samples to your customers by taste (and shopping) what they do

The idea is, for example, that brands such as Maybelline cosmetic companies, who are sending their samples of makeup products to consumers, who will surely buy them because they have acquired other cosmetic products.

Sample Submission Program Months would be active therefore, quiet, in addition to checking the feasibility of the idea, it became an essential piece of the machine of Jeff Bezos. In August, when published (eye) in August, a user said that he received coffee samples "coffee after 15 coffee".

Amazon is definitely a good thing to make the idea go smoothly. It has more than one company 100 million subscribers For you First service, This means that you have a client portfolio that is regularly and faithfully purchasing. Many millions of others do not use the Funky service and still want to get products constantly, Amazon, likes and trends according to its users and according to that activity.

And how are you doing this? How can we find out more about buying things and not having them? Well using it to learn machine (or automatic learning), is responsible for analyzing consumer habits and chooses the best selected samples accordingly.

amazon sample samples

It's not the first experiment in Amazon's sample. Also tested in the US Prime Samples, in which The user decides what sample he wants (also sample boxes) and to pay them, so if you like something and buy a commercial version, you get a discount on the product.

Here, however, it is farther away and is related to other issues privacy. When choosing the samples that you mentioned in the first samples, the new Amazon idea is to analyze your shopping model and habits, decide for youIn collaboration with a paid out-of-brand, you can not opt ​​out of the profile option, of course, to send a sample of unexpected calls to the door. In the next section of his website he explains what his samples are and what is, in fact, a random and surprise shipment.

What do you think of receiving a free sample based on your likes? Do you feel that your privacy is violated?

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