Monday , May 29 2023

New trailer for Medal of Honor above and beyond


New trailer for Medal of Honor above and beyond

It would be nonsensical to question whether the Call of Duty saga has dominated the FPS genre for at least the last decade, at least in terms of multi-player battles. But it wasn’t far off, until the Medal of Honor was a fitting indicator of the war FPS until it fell into a severe lethargy.

We told you in 2019 that the saga was ready to return at the hands of Respawn Entertainment and we recently had some interesting news as a trailer where the Medal of Honor will be called Above and Beyond to see the features of the multiplayer multiplayer mode. and that will be for Steam to play with virtual reality devices.

Medal of Honor Above and Beyond offers us several hours of fun with colleagues

The multiplayer of this new part of the saga published by Electronic Arts will have five game modes: regular Deathmatch Y Group Deathmatch, in which players will have to deal with a lot of killings before the time is over, Crazy about bombs, our main goal will be to deactivate or place bombs in them, Explosion Radius, Y Domination, where we will have to control some sites on the map to accumulate more points.

The game will launch on December 12 and it should be noted that it will have a single player campaign.

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